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Ice skating Rink: A tensioned ceiling baptised the “thermo-cloud”

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Datos del proyecto

• Architects
Behnisch Architekten
Pohl Architekten

• Climatic design
• Consulting engineer
Konstruct AG

  • • Serge Ferrari composite material
    > Soltis SK20 LowE
    Material area: 22 000 m²

  • Venue for the 2011 World Speed Skating Championships, the Inzell infrastructure in Germany was designed based on a dual principle of offering athletes the best competitive conditions and exhibiting economical, sustainable building operation. In this context, the Soltis SK 20 LowE composite membrane used on this project met those goals.

    Soltis SK 20 LowE’s composition, micro-aerated texture and metallized surface endow this Serge Ferrari flexible composite material with unique intrinsic performance characteristics.
    Installed as a ceiling on a timber and steel structure, the Serge Ferrari composite membrane meets the three fundamentals required by the building :
    • ensure a maximum natural light contribution without the effect of dazzle and direct solar radiation on the ice. This challenge was met by the translucence and reflective power of the metallized material combined with its light diffusion performance.
    • limit usage of air-conditioning, which is usually essential to prevent condensation and dampening of the timber surfaces. Soltis SK 20 benefits from the Serge Ferrari LowE advantage, obtained by applying an aluminium treatment to create a real thermal barrier that protects the wood from cold and the ice’s cold radiation.
    • provide an acoustic gain. Soltis SK 20 achieves reverberation times exceeding DIN standard recommendations.

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    Batyline, una tecnología dedicada a la arquitectura interior

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    Al contar con una experiencia de más de 20 años, las ventajas de los membranas compuestas Batyline en Arquitectura interior han demostrado ampliamente sus prestaciones técnicas y estéticas: ligereza, flexibilidad y libertad de formas, resistencia mecánica, efectos de materia y de luz, resistencia en ambientes húmedos, confort acústico, longevidad, calidad medioambiental, y reciclabilidad.


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