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Delaune Stadium: endorsing lightness and light

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Datos del proyecto

• Architect
Atelier Michel Remon
• Client
Reims city
• Consulting engineer
Arcora, Ginger
• Fabrication/Installation
Esmery Caron

  • • Serge Ferrari composite material
    > Précontraint 1302
    Material area: 10 000 m2

  • The iconic Reims Football Club returned to professional level in 2002, so it became urgent to renovate its Delaune stadium, inaugurated in 1934 and now run-down, uncomfortable and cramped.
    In 2008, the new stadium unveiled its Serge Ferrari composite material roof, which quickly became a major landmark in the city’s geography.

    Architect Michel Remon, winner of the competition, designed a “English style” stadium: a rectangular layout with four stands (22,000 seats), each integrating two flights of terraces, protected by 10,000 m2 of Précontraint 1302 and characterised by its lightness and translucence.
    The 8.50 m x 20 m Précontraint 1302 panels are bow-tensioned and laced on a peripheral steel structure located at the back of the stands. Junctions with steel channels provide inspection access to the rear.
    The material roof, diaphanous during the day and radiant on match evenings, envelopes the terraces like a canopy, which softens the light, prevents deep shadows at sunset and diffuses artificial light during matches at night, thereby ensuring the comfort of players, spectators and televised broadcasts.

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    Productos y aplicaciones

    Précontraint : Membranas compuestas al servicio de la arquitectura

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    La gama Précontraint se impone como la referencia en términos de durabilidad para la realización de estructuras y edificios textiles fijos o desmontables.

    A sus características mecánicas únicas se suma una resistencia a la suciedad y al envejecimiento muy competitivo gracias al control de los tratamientos de superficie con base de PVDF.
    Ligeras y durables, las membranas Précontraint son también 100% reciclables gracias al método Texyloop® de Serge Ferrari.


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